Indoor - Non Ducted Units

Styles of non-ducted indoor units for use with all Multi V compressor systems. Eliminates cost of ductwork as no duct is required.

Wall Mounted

Low-profile wall-mounted indoor units with an off-white finish.

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1 Way Cassette

One-way air-flow ceiling-cassette indoor units.

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2 Way Cassette

Two-way air-flow ceiling-cassette indoor units.

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4 Way Cassette

Four-way air-flow ceiling-cassette indoor units in 22" x 22" and 33" x 33" sizes.

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Art Cool Gallery

The Art Cool™ Gallery is designed to mount elegantly on a wall and deliver contemporary styling with unique customization.  Available in 9,600 Btu/h and 12,300 Btu/h, each come with a frame that allows the customer to easily personalize the indoor unit with their own artwork or photograph.

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Floor Standing

Floor-mounted indoor units for concealed installations or with an off-white case.

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Hydro Kit

High-efficiency solution for cooling, floor heating, and heating a hot water supply.

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